The Nat King Cole Story

The Nat King Cole Story Box was manufactured to hold a set of LP’s.  The idea behind this box was to make it look like a book.
In order to do so we used a wooden dowel rod for the spine and painted it black.  The front and rear panels of the box are Ecological Fibers Arlington Khaki with a linen embossing.  Both of these were foil stamped in black, and the black spine was foil stamped in gold.
To replicate the look of antique book pages we utilized a gold foil wrap with rib embossing and strip wrapped the trays.

Thanks for an awesome year. You guys have no idea how good you are and how much I appreciate you. You go above and beyond the call of duty and are always a pleasure to deal with and talk to.
Over the past 30 plus years, Ray Products, Inc.has helped us with innovative and creative designs for packaging our products. What a great company to be in business with.
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We have done business with Ray Products for 45 years and look forward to the next 45! They consistently provide us with high quality products and over-the-top customer service. They are truly a great partner!
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I should have called you on this yesterday but . . . . . the boxes looked AWESOME! Great job on those--heavy, perfect size . . . just what we needed. I really appreciate your quick and quality turnaround. Thanks.
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I have to say, "hats off" to Stephanie from Ray Products for pulling off a project that actually ended up looking better than the competitors box who has been manufacturing them for the last several years.

This was a rushed job...but with the help of the board supplier and Stephanie the customer is extremely satisfied with the end result and the time frame we had to work with. Note, we were also very competitive on our pricing than we have been in the previous years.

Any rate, just thought I'd share this with you since several may not be aware of Ray Products!
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