Set-Up Boxes

The rigid box simply has inherent sales appeal and is the preferred package not only by the consumer but by all those who come in contact with it.

Design flexibility, variations in size, color, and decorative aspects combine to make the set-up box unequaled in attractiveness.

The added strength of the rigid paper box assures the protection of your product from the manufacturer to the consumer.

The rigid or set-up box lends itself to packaging ease on the assembly line and in the hands of your customer.

In a time when conservation and recycling are key issues it seems only natural that the set-up box manufactured from recycled fibers is becoming more and more in demand. The consumer tends to save it for reuse allowing your advertising to extend far beyond the original point of purchase.

Style of Your Box

STAY ONLY BOX: A chipboard box with stayed corners and no paper overwrap. This is a great option when looking for an economical packaging solution where outward appearance is not critical.

TIGHTWRAPPED BOX: A chipboard box with stayed corners and a paper overwrap with 100% glue adhesion. Top notch presentation for your product.

LOOSEWRAPPED BOX: A chipboard box with stayed corners and a paper overwrap with glue adhesion only on the turn in of the box (paper on interior of box). This is a favorite among confectionery manufacturers as it gives the box a hand wrapped appearance.

CLEAR VINYL BOX: A box manufactured out of clear plastic. Typically used for the lid in order to showcase the product.

Paperboard Options

Paperboard Caliper: Typical set-up box paperboard thicknesses run from .032 to .050 of an inch. Your requirements will depend upon what is being packaged. A box used to package stationery typically uses .032 or .034 while a box used to hold a coin collection might require .080 paperboard.

Paperboard Grade: Ray Products stocks two basic grades of paperboard for its boxes: plain chip and white vat lined. Plain chipboard is a recycled paperboard which has a kraft finish on both sides. White vat lined paperboard is a recycled paperboard which has a white liner on one side and a kraft finish on the other. White vat lined paperboard is used when a customer prefers a white interior for the tightwrapped or loosewrapped box or a white exterior on their stay only box.


Stock paper Grades: An economical solution to wrapping your box is to utilize one of the literally thousands of preprinted stock overwraps available to you. Printed wraps of nearly every conceivable color and embossing pattern are at your disposal. If you know which box overwrap you are looking for, or have a color in mind, or a specific embossing pattern just note so in the quote box. To view a few of your thousands of choices visit Please call or e-mail us with your preferences and we will mail you some sample books for your perusal.

Printing Options: Consider your own personalized box overwrap. One option is to personalize one of the aforementioned stock wraps by foil stamping your logo or other product information onto your box. And for the ultimate in sales appeal for your product, multi color printing processes with aqueous coatings, UV coatings, and film laminates are all options. If you would like for us to quote printing your overwrap, please specify the number of colors in your process, the protective coating you would like to have applied, and the approximate coverage area.

Please note that this was just a basic overview of our products and our capabilities. Hinged lids, thumbholed lids, boxes with laminated interiors, complex diecut inserts, custom paperboard colors, and unique box configurations are all typical fare at Ray Products, Inc.

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Thanks for an awesome year. You guys have no idea how good you are and how much I appreciate you. You go above and beyond the call of duty and are always a pleasure to deal with and talk to.
Over the past 30 plus years, Ray Products, Inc.has helped us with innovative and creative designs for packaging our products. What a great company to be in business with.
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We have done business with Ray Products for 45 years and look forward to the next 45! They consistently provide us with high quality products and over-the-top customer service. They are truly a great partner!
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I should have called you on this yesterday but . . . . . the boxes looked AWESOME! Great job on those--heavy, perfect size . . . just what we needed. I really appreciate your quick and quality turnaround. Thanks.
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I have to say, "hats off" to Stephanie from Ray Products for pulling off a project that actually ended up looking better than the competitors box who has been manufacturing them for the last several years.

This was a rushed job...but with the help of the board supplier and Stephanie the customer is extremely satisfied with the end result and the time frame we had to work with. Note, we were also very competitive on our pricing than we have been in the previous years.

Any rate, just thought I'd share this with you since several may not be aware of Ray Products!
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