Set-Up Boxes

The rigid box simply has inherent sales appeal and is the preferred package not only by the consumer but by all those who come in contact with it.

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  • Gift Box
    Gift Box

    This gift box is unique in many respects.  Because of its size, the base is actually a litho laminated corrugated box with an automatic bottom.  The lid has a 3.5" diameter logo blind embossed in

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  • Perfume Display
    Perfume Display

    This particular box measures approximately seven inches cubed.  What makes it extraordinary is the number of cut outs which are used to showcase the various samples of perfume--seven in total.  Some of the windows were achieved

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  • Parelli Horse Training
    Parelli Horse Training

    This box is what we refer to as a "book" style box.  It is comprised of a rigid tray along with a three panel binder.  The special features of this box are the ribbon inside

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  • Winery MiniGuide
    Winery MiniGuide

    The Winery MiniGuide box is a traditional three piece shoulder box wrapped with a full color wrap + gloss UV coating for added protection.

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  • Percy Jackson & The Olympians
    Percy Jackson & The Olympians

    The most unique aspect of this box is the "frustum" style lid which was used to achieve the look of a treasure chest.  This entire box was made by machine, excluding the patch wrap on

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