Wine/Liquor Packaging

This slipcase is a full 12” in depth and was manufactured by machine. Note the laminated interior and angled exterior tray for slipcase removal.

Monster Boxes

Although you wouldn’t know it from the photos, these display boxes are quite large, one measures 14” cubed and the other 10”.

Bible Slipcases

These slipcases have an incredible amount of detail on the gold foil hot stamp—both have an 8.5” depth capacity.

Coldwell Banker

The Coldwell Banker Slipcase/Tray has several unique features—a spot UV logo over the top of the Matador wrap with a soft touch feel, a ribbon pull tab Read More…

Hogan Lead

The Hogan Slipcase/Slantcase represents a two piece construction—note the extreme angle on the slantcase. For protection and durability, the customer opted for a gloss film laminate coating.