The Rh-negative ID band

The ID band carton is printed two sides, and incorporates a perforated pop up display that follows the contour of the picture on the front of the Read More…

The Body Guards

This box is a straight tuck carton with book cover panel.  It includes a separated well for holding product.

New Era

The New Era Box is a four corner carton with lid.  Both the inside and the outside of the carton are printed with metallic gold and black.

Kodak Slide Processing

The Kodak slide box is a Leroy Jones style folding carton that we made as a clamshell.  This piece had to be glued/erected on a specialized piece Read More…


The JUMP box was made out of our standard bending chip and printed one color.  The carton incorporates a tear strip to searate the box into two pieces.


The Magni-Guide carton makes us of a hanger tab which is glued down, along with an interior “Z fold” partition for separating the product inside.

Double Scratch

The Double Scratch carton actually served as a playing surface for the cats.  The top octagon was perforated for removal by the end customer.

Montag Fine Candle

The Montag Fine Candle Boxes were produced as a set–note the very tight registration on the front of the box around the window and the interior print Read More…